MAGA or Antifa?

Hundreds of photos of Trump supporters at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. flooded mainstream media over the last several hours.

Headlines claim that angry conservatives have caused chaos and destruction at the Capitol, but some are hesitant to attribute the mayhem to MAGA.

Readers were quick to note that several of the main characters in the pictures floating around social media today may portray Antifa agents as Trump supporters.

One of the more famous photos today shows a man wearing a set of horns with American flag paint across his face. This individual was photographed at several BLM rallies across Arizona, prompting readers to speculate that he belongs to BLM or Antifa.

The individual in those photos goes by “Alpha Male” on Twitter, and his reflects tweets of a conservative, not Antifa.

Another photo shows a bearded alleged Trump supporter, who was also photographed on Philadelphia Antifa’s website. The man allegedly has a hammer and sickle tattoo, characteristic of communists and Antifa.

Updated 5:14 MST: The bearded man is portrayed on an Antifa website, but he is blatantly anti-Antifa. The picture shows Jason Tankersly and claims he is a Maryland skinhead.

We will update this as the identities of those arrested is reported in D.C outlets.

Identified as Jake Angeli

5:53 pm MST: the horned man, is confirmed by Alamogordo Daily News as a right-wing Q-Anon supporter.

Richard Burnett

6:19 pm MST: The man photographed sitting at a desk in the White House is Richard Burnett.

Johnson & Trump Jr.

2:40 pm MST 1/7/21: The man holding the lectern in photos is Johnson of Bradenton, now Palmetto Florida. Although he’s been photographed at BLM rallies, Johnson is also photographed at MAGA rallies.