Tay Anderson throws Impeach Trump Again Rally Sunday

Tay Anderson has no idea how to run a school board or advocate for quality public education for DPS students, but that doesn’t really matter. Anderson is nothing more than a paid agitator, a Denver communist who fights with police and believes kids should participate in drag shows.

It would take months to cover Anderson’s filthy, sex-obsessed, drug-promoting, police attacking, obscenity shouting politics. But the gist is that his politics add up to exactly that…a lot of noise wi hour any action, knowledge, or political savvy. Anderson is a child in a man’s world of politics, lost to the wishes of his handlers and the mob left.

All Anderson ever seems to accomplish is agitation. This week, he has also turned his attention to calling all Trump supporters racist and harassing Lauren Boebert.

This morning, as DPS students long for in person classes and the country plunged further into communism, Anderson decided that the best thing he could do for Denver Schools was to hold an Impeach Trump Again rally in Denver.

And why not? That’s all Tay Anderson knows how to do…throw rallies in the name of social justice. Maybe no one informed Tay how long impeachment hearings last, or that the public has no standing whatsoever in deciding whether an impeachment should occur. It doesn’t really matter that an impeachment of Trump would fail for time and reason because all Anderson cares about is agitating the public. That’s the name of Tay Anderson’s game.

He knows nothing about the Constitution, public schools, public health, or politics at all. Yet Anderson, whose income source has never been revealed, uses all of his time to agitate the public and elected officials. Anderson should spend today working on the mess that DPS has become, but he’d rather stand in a pickup truck bed and self promote.

Anderson 1/10

That’s a really nice sport coat Anderson is wearing for his self made event. For someone on a zero sum salary, it must have been a large purchase. Where in the Actblue, Soros, “paid my consultants” Tracer shenanigans do those funds come from?