Tay Anderson calls local radio host “Klansman”

Steffan Tubbs posted information about his February 23rd radio show on Twitter, and the next day, re-posted Tubbs’ post but added the caveat, “Oh look it’s our local Klansman.”

First, for someone who’s a school board secretary and possibly running for a state House , Tay’s grammar needs extensive work. DPS’ handy work doesn’t teach students how to sentences, though it does have free tampons and a school board leader eager to teach social justice.

Tay, your sentences (plural) should read like this:

“Oh, look. It’s our local Klansman.”

Now, readers should examine the “racism” chargeJust because Steffan Tubbs reports negatively on Anderson’s tactics doesn’t make him a racist or a “Klansman.”

Tubbs is correct; Anderson is a self-promoting agitator who doesn’t know how to do anything political. But he does impede police officers’ official business, like sweeping homeless camps, and then call them the same week to complain about “death threats.”

Whether or not Tubbs is correct in his assertions is beyond the point; Anderson has no right to call him a Klansman. Tubbs isn’t racist, like the rest of Americans, but Anderson is using this time of unrest and forced wokeness to stir hate for Tubbs and incite his followers to do the same.

If Anderson has negative points to make about Tubbs or anyone else, he should do so without labeling them as Ku Klux Klan.