Tay Anderson quitting DPS Board?

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Tay Anderson’s slew of missteps this year leant a pretty questionable feeling to his tenure as DPS Secretary.

Tay Anderson briefly tweeted that he wanted to prevent rumors by saying he’s not quitting DPS; nevertheless, it’s a tweet that’s raised eyebrows across Denver. Coming from someone who portrays a tough guy image, the tweet speaks to other issues. Have Denver officials had enough of this socialist Blantfa agent? Let’s revisit…

There was the time he threatened the entire neighborhood of that it’s name must change, or he and his minions would be marching through neighborhoods.

Then there was the time Tay proclaimed that a patriot shot by a 9News Antifa agent was the fault of .

In September, Tay told police, amongst his crowd of rioters, that “all you motherfuckers .” Tay hates police, white people, conservatives, and anyone who disagrees with him.

Here’s Tay Anderson saying that he’s going to remember anyone who voted for Trump, whatever .

Also, let us not forget when Tay Anderson tried to stop Denver Police from their official duties of a homeless sweep, falling down and allegedly hitting his head . He then tried to sue the police for brutality, which his Antifa comrades thought made sense.

Tay has had such a stellar year in politics, it’s hard to understand why anyone would ask him to resign. Certainly, elected officials are expected to doxx their constituents, spend more time crying on twitter than doing actual work, rebel rouse in the streets of Denver all night, call police corrupt motherfuckers, try to sue the police for doing their jobs, and then call fifty percent of the nation racist in a thinly veiled threat. Mayor Hancock and the “ Tay is building must be sick of Tay’s inability to perform politics above a third grade level.

To further encourage Tay Anderson to leave politics, here’s the contact info:

E-mail: board@dpsk12.org
Write: Emily Griffith Campus, 1860 Lincoln St., Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 720-423-3210
Fax: 720-423-3216

The Colorado Herald