Clark continues fear mongering on Twit’r

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People aren’t cowering in the
suburbs; they’re eating dinner in the suburbs and throwing parties in the
suburbs, while choosing not to support a city that doesn’t care about
them…a city that places domestic terrorists and homeless before tax paying
The suburbs, like El Paso county, are free from people overdosing on the
corner. When we take our kids to a restaurant in Colorado Springs, for
example, we don’t even have to explain to them, why people have written
“ACAB” and “fuck pigs” everywhere.
We know that our “suburban” elected officials have not pandered to thugs
and looters. Plus we like the smell of the mountains, not human shit and
dried up syringes, wafting into our humble abodes.
We don’t come to Denver anymore, not because of talk radio, but because we
have seen for ourselves that the city is a cess pool.
So, Kyle Clark, take your race baiting home, and cry to your mom about it.
This has nothing do with people of color; it has to do with the trash pile
known as Denver, which isn’t safe, thanks to Antifa and BLM designating it as
a safe haven for every meth’d out psychopath with a black mask and shield in

The Colorado Herald