Merry Christmas, Colorado, from BLM/Antifa

The Wall of Moms Denver chapter and local BLM and Antifa agents wish Colorado a Merry Christmas!

Iris Butler, second from left on bottom row

In both Christmas pictures posted on Facebook Sunday, Iris Butler, recent homeless protestor who became a protest organizer and trainer for Denver BLM and Antifa activists, takes center stage. Iris planned several women’s marches over the summer and BLM marches into the fall. Several of those protests took on anti-Trump overtones.

There’s obviously some symbolism in the Christmas pictures, as everyone in them, all white people, aside from Iris, the lone black person, is wearing masks. She isn’t wearing one in either picture and takes center stage in both as well. One of the pictures seems to be a staging of the George Floyd incident.

BLM/Antifa training from Iris’s Facebook page

One of the people in the Christmas card holds a full shield; this is the same group that was organizing drives for cell phones and epi pens and holding “live action seminars” outside the governor’s mansion until they were removed and scattered to private properties around Denver for their “training.”