D.C. Chaos: Antifa rumors and Trump’s last stand

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Protests Tuesday night were largely peaceful except for a brief skirmish between Capitol officers and protestors .

By Wednesday morning, estimates on social media placed the crowd size overall at 1.5 million people. In the late afternoon, protestors stormed the Capitol building and gained access to the interior. As documented by , Capitol police are seen on video removing fence to allow the protestors access to the building. According to Capitol police, they weren’t prepared for such a crowd and had no choice but to removed the fence. The protestors would’ve trampled it into pieces if not removed.

Once protestors gained access to the building, chaos ensued. Photos from throughout the day One woman was police as she tried to climb through a window. The woman was later identified as Ashli Babbitt, an n. Three other people died yesterday in medical incidents. The officer who shot Babbitt .

Washington, D.C. Mayor Bowser declared a 6pm curfew Wednesday, which largely emptied out the Capitol. Arrests continued sparingly into Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

Trump was rumored to have flown to Texas Wednesday night, and air traffic control patterns appear to show that Air Force One was grounded in Albilene, Texas at the National Defense Command Center.

Military is on high alert, as about 400 aircrafts circled Washington, D.C. yesterday. New York Governor Cuomo, who rejected the National Guard’s assurance during BLM riots, offered to send New York Guard to D.C., which turned out to be unnecessary.

This morning, Facebook and Instagram have both locked Donald Trump out of his accounts after the actual President Elect in his own mind, determined Trump to be too much of a threat to have access to social media.

between Vice President Mike Pence and President Trump seem tumultuous after Pence refused to decertify the electoral college results yesterday. In fact, top Pence aids have been banned from the White House by Trump.

Rumors swirl that Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act, but that seems unlikely. As of 10:30 am MST, Trump has to a peaceful transition of power to President Elect Biden.

While conservatives across social media attempted to portray a few of the right wing extremists at the Capitol as Antifa, that was quickly debunked. Antifa may have been present and may have escalated tensions, but the pictures thus far of the major Capitol incident show right wing extremists avenging the chaos Wednesday.

The FBI is actively seeking tips regarding the individuals who stormed the Capitol building Wednesday, and there’s a website setup for anonymous information. Any pictures, videos, and tips are welcomed.

In summary, the only violence and destruction so far can be attributed to right wing extremists, Trump will be conceding peacefully, and it’s time for everyone to get out of the streets and go home.

The Colorado Herald