Tay Anderson’s fall in Target could signal the end of Tay’s politics

True to form, Tay Anderson had another incident yesterday. This time, he fell down in Target, which made local news. He called the incident “traumatic” and thanked the “frontline workers” because of course he did. He’s Tay, the biggest virtue signaler in Denver, perhaps all of Colorado.

How many times have readers heard the word “frontline” this month? How many times have they heard the word since the pandemic began? The word “frontline” is virtue signaling to the millionth degree. What do “frontline nurses” have to do with Tay’s falling spell?

In his thank you letter marked with DPS’s logo, Tay claims that he learned the consequences of neglect of his own physical and mental health during this sham pandemic. What’s that mean? It means he finally realizes that he needs to resign his elected position. The barrage of hate coming from Denver and Colorado’s most respected officials is finally getting to Tay, so this publicity stunt could usher in his decision that his position on the school board is “just too much” for him.

Meanwhile, his “comrades” will congratulate Tay on his hard work, blame police and Mayor Hancock for his inability to handle stress and pressure, and prop up Tay like the communist agitator he really is. In using this incident as a scapegoat to shirk the duties he can’t fulfill because he doesn’t have the stomach and is too busy fighting with police, he looks like the ultimate hero to his insanely left constituents.

Tay wasn’t ready for position of school board Secretary; his slew of run-ins with police, host of medical scares, inability to handle himself on social media, and overall thuggish behavior don’t lend to an elected official whom people trust. Tay should resign quickly and stop making the city of Denver look foolish.