Pelosi targeted by same vandals that painted Libby Schaaf’s home?

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Nancy Pelosi’s home was vandalized in the early morning of January 1st. Vandals spray-painted “cancel rent” and “we want everything” on her garage door, and they also left a pig’s head and blood at the .

Pelosi’s home via Maggie Vandenberghe

Vandals also targeted Mitch McConnell on New Year’s Day; spray paint on his front door read “weres my money?” and “Mitch kills the poor.”

Authorities haven’t speculated as to who is responsible for the attacks, but the “cancel rent” quotes and “UBI” point to vandals who are part of far left movements for universal basic income.

In July, 2020, San Fransisco Mayor Libby Schaaf’s home was also vandalized. Vandals painted “defund OPD,” “cancel rent” and “homes for all” on her garage door.

Libby Schaaf’s July vandalism, CBS

The handwriting for each incident appears to be of the same person; the vandal uses round lowercase “e’s” and also uses the same style for most letters, a mix of rounded capitalized and non-capitalized characters.

Whoever is responsible for both crimes also left blood lines at both scenes. The perpetrator may not have acted alone, but he or she has a habit of targeting high ranking officials with whom he doesn’t agree.

The Colorado Herald