Tay Anderson is unstable, should be removed from office

What kind of elected official tweets a video of himself dancing to an inappropriate song while showing clips of videos about himself? Tay, Denver Public School Board’s very own…the man in charge of Denver kids’ education.

Tay retweeted the video Thursday, captioning it, “because I have conservatives upset.”

Tay’s song lyrics

Tay’s long history of inappropriate behavior, including trying to sue the police for his fall while he obstructed a summer homeless sweep, making fun of other elected officials such as calling State Rep Neville a white supremacist, passing out in Target, and much, much more would take days to catalog.

In his latest video, it is evident that Anderson struggles with gender identity and plays in the drag space. Comments left on social media sites and rumors from friends and foes alike have alluded to that, but Anderson himself has never confirmed that he dresses in drag.

What a role model.

Tay continued to taunt “conservatives” on Twitter, even doxxing those who had emailed or messaged him regarding his display of self-promotion and feminine sexuality. He then went back on Twitter later in the day to argue more about why he should caption his bio “bad bitch.”

Tay 12/16
Yay 12/16

Anderson hates the police and encourages twelve-year-old DPS students to identify as “she” or “zein” ASAP; it’s all about Mr. Anderson, and he should’ve left his arrogant displays of feminine sexuality and BLM violence on the stage.

For the first time in over thirty years, school enrollment is down 3.3% across the state. Politics, especially the politics of young children’s education across a massive metro area, is not the place for this type of sensationalism, and Anderson’s ability to create media attention while accomplishing little else reveals him as the one-trick pony he is. It is time for Mr. Anderson to stop making enemies out of conservatives, set down the nail polish bottle and selfie stick, and begin creating actual solutions to the plight of Denver children’s education.