Denver Public Schools: whiteness deeply harms students, all white people racist

Leaked DPS documents show that not only will critical race theory be integrated into Denver students’ curriculum…it’ll be flat the forefront. And according to the rigorous, mandatory for DPS staff, all white people are racist.

According to the mandatory training that has been demanded of DPS staff since September of last year and leaked by a social media account that goes by the name all white people are racist. Camp’s page has consistently leaked DPS and Tay Anderson mishaps for over a year.

We reached out to several DPS teachers and were able to confirm that indeed, this training has been forced on them since last Fall. One teacher told us that she feels compelled to fill out the surveys to indicate she’s racist; otherwise, the surveys aren’t “taken seriously” by staff eager to promote the violent, Marxist tenants of CRT. If you think you aren’t racist, that belief makes you more racist.

That’s the main tenant of Robin DiAngelo’s “,” which claims that when white people say they’re not racist, they’re being fragile and harming black people. DiAngelo was the psychotic mastermind behind CocaCola’s work training that told all white people they’re racist and to “be less white.” Since that time, DiAngelo has experienced a sudden fall from woke grace; most major companies have dropped her racist tactics.

Apparently, nobody told DPS that increasing numbers of parents, students, employees, and staff have found DiAngelo’s rebranded racism to be counterproductive to teaching equality and tolerance. That’s ok; DPS does what it wants, like a Governor Polis.

Teaching all white kids they ARE RACIST…deal with it, white people. The media says you’re racist and accepting as much will make the world a much better place. You know…kind of like how all of the woke syrup bottles changed the world in 2020. Division works; you’re racist.

In all actuality, you aren’t racist. You are a human being with values that you pass along to your children ass you see fit. Continue doing just that; reject this insane narrative. Racism cannot be taught out of children or legislated away. Anyone who says that it can is lying; it’s just a blatant attempt to put you down and make you feel like you must give up your freedoms to be “virtuous.” You don’t; say whatever you want. This is the USA. Reject critical race theory at all costs.

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