Leaked Coca-Cola training: Be less white

An internal whistleblower at Coca-Cola leaked training slides from Coca-Cola’s online training modules for new employees on LinkedIn. The questionable slides are part of a larger corporate training module used by an undetermined number of US based companies seeking social justice. The presentation, part of a course entitled “Confronting Racism: understanding what it means to be white, challenging what it means to be racist,” by Robin Di Angelo, author of White Fragility, amounts to a lot of slides with racist guilt word salad…

A large section of the course guides employees to “try to be less white.” After all, there’s nothing more shameful than being white in 2021.

Karlyn Borysenko, an anti-critical race theory activist, obtained the images from an internal whistleblower and posted them . Borysenko posted a video to her channel breaking down the images provided to her by a Coca-Cola whistleblower:

“Confronting Racism: Understanding what it means to be white, challenging what it means to be racist”

According to Coca-Cola via the training it’s forcing on its employees, to be less white is to:

  • Be less oppressive
  • Be less arrogant
  • Be less certain
  • Be less defensive
  • Be less arrogant
  • Be more humble
  • Listen & believe
  • Break with apathy
  • Break with “white solidarity.”

One Coca-Cola slide reads, “In the US and other Western nations, white people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they are white. Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to be white.”

Coca-Cola, which has avoided political conflict, over $100,000 to the 2020 US elections and social justice causes, which pales in comparison to Walmart and the NFL’s millions.