Biden’s approval rating lower than Trump and Obama

Joe Biden has been President for two days, but his approval rating is that of a man who’s been in office for forty-seven years…only 48% of those surveyed approve of Biden’s job in office so far, as per .

Additionally, 45% of respondents disapprove Biden’s presidency, and 38% of respondents strongly disapprove of Biden’s presidency so far.

As Washington Examiner , “he is underwater with women (46% approve, 48% disapprove) and whites (43% approve, 51% disapprove).”

Biden’s historically low approval rating could be due to several factors, such as his federal mask mandate on day one of his presidency. Additionally, Biden has faced scrutiny for rejoining the Paris Climate agreement, an unnecessary and job killer.

Biden also faced harsh backlash after pictures and personal accounts of soldiers at the Capitol sleeping in a surfaced last night. Bipartisan calls from lawmakers across the nation condemned the poor treatment of the National Guard, and after Donald Trump invited them to sleep at his hotel, the soldiers were welcomed back into the Capitol.

Biden also was caught completely confused on this week, as his earpiece instructed him to “salute the marines” as he passed them at the Capitol. Instead of saluting the marines, Biden repeated the words of the person in his earphone, “salute the marines.”

When Biden assumed the Oval Office, he removed an Abraham Lincoln portrait and military flags for each branch of service and replaced the items with a statue,

It’s going to be a long four years.

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