WeldCo, abused by Polis again, joins Eat Meat Day on March 20th

Weld County Government, once again abused by Governor Polis, released a statement indicating its support of Weld County agriculture and the meat industry of Colorado, which is not impressed by Governor Polis’s proclamation declaring March 20th a day that Coloradoans abstain from eating meat.

From its statement, “Weld County has long been the state’s leading county in agricultural products sold, bringing in $2 billion annually. Approximately 85% of that revenue comes from the sale of livestock, poultry, and products alone.”

The proclamation, above, comes at a terrible time for most Coloradoans during Polis’s economy, which went from one of the best in the nation to one of the worst during his flurry of small business-ending terror and over 350 executive orders since he declared emergency powers for himself on March 10th, 2020.

While Polis has time to tell people what to eat, he never has had time to “follow Denver politics.” He had no idea urban camping was permitted in Denver, and he had no idea there were tents in Denver this Summer.

Several ranches, farms, restaurants, and public events have formed across the state in support of Meat Day on March 20th, accomplishing the opposite of what Polis had set out to do, which was to create a holiday in support of vegetarianism. Polis’s husband is a vocal animal rights advocate and writer who supports a meatless diet. The request comes at a time when Coloradoans are frustrated with the state’s unemployment system, which has left thousands without pay for two months or more.

Weld County is by far the leading county in the state’s 4.6 billion-dollar meat industry, accounting for $1.7 billion of the state’s meat revenue. WeldCo has sparred with Governor Polis for years, but the abusive relationship hit rock-bottom at the start of the COVID-19 saga.

When WeldCo commissioners refused to lockdown the county, Polis threatened to rescind WeldCo business licenses, liquor licenses, and health department licenses. When the people of Weld County seemed unfazed by those threats, Polis threatened to withhold COVID-19 emergency funding for Weld County businesses. Unfortunately for Polis and his constant need to control the people of WeldCo, the county commissioners had already received and distributed the funding to local businesses.

In July, when a large gathering of Hispanic people on private property in Weld County held concerts and bull riding competitions at an all-day event, Governor Polis called those WeldCo people “stupid.”

Weld County commissioners later jumped on board a grassroots effort to relocate WeldCo to Wyoming, to which Polis’s response was to threaten to take Cheyenne from Wyoming. WeldCo has every right to secede from Colorado. The county did not vote for Jared Polis in 2018; instead, voters chose Republican Walker Stapleton, an affluent Bush family associate, in a landslide. Polis then threatened the livelihoods of WeldCo residents and business owners for over a year. He’s now coming after the largest meat-producing county in the state, again, at the most insensitive time.

If everyone in Colorado stopped eating meat for one day, the economic impact on the meat industry could be up to $13,700,000. If the same impact were felt across Weld County, it would experience an economic loss of $4,657,500 for Polis’s one-day fiasco. Obviously, most Coloradoans won’t remember such a day and don’t care about the Governor’s meat-free day, and counter-movements may make the opposite impact he intended. Still, Polis’s out-of-sync politics are divisive and inflammatory, tone-deaf at best.

Polis is the abusive husband of WeldCo; here’s another slap in the face. To submit a meat event or any other event on our website, click here.