Israel: 90% of new COVID cases are Pfizer vaccinated patients

Last month, The Colorado Herald reported a disturbing upward trend of RSV cases in Israel that, along with parallel US vaccination trends, we predicted to become an issue in the US.

Friday, Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett reported the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine has been less effective against the Delta variant than expected. A disappointed Prime Minister Bennett stated, “We do not know exactly to what degree the vaccine helps, but it is significantly less.”

Unlike the unfounded “scientific claims” that unvaccinated people are the new pandemic in the US, data from Israel paints a different scenario – a scenario in which the vaccinated ARE THE MAJORITY of new cases . A quick view of Israel’s confirmed cases from July 4th- July 10th, clearly shows the majority of new cases are fully vaccinated, meaning they have received two (Pfizer) shots. 

The chart below identifies new confirmed cases by age group, with disturbing trends. The chart, released from the Israeli Government, shows an astounding 78% of the new cases (age 20-29) are fully vaccinated individuals. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The chart shows a grim outlook for the age group of 60-69, with an astounding 94% of new cases being fully vaccinated.

The US currently does not test fully vaccinated individuals, which makes comparison to Israel’s rise in vaccinated cases impossible to compare. Israel’s disappointment in the efficacy against the delta variant is a stark deviation from Dr. Fauci’s claims, made Thursday during a , that the vaccines administered in the US are effective against the delta variant. He also claims the unvaccinated are creating and spreading the delta variant – a claim that is slowly unraveling in the US media.

We only have propaganda to back the claims made by Fauci, that the vaccines will prevent the delta variant, and that the unvaxxed are a pandemic! Until we have conclusive numbers, , we only have Fauci’s supposed assurance.

Until then, if you’re an antivaxxer, you’re creating new variants and infecting those who are vaxxed!!

Overall, the rising trend of vaccinated Israelis contracting “COVID-19” is astounding. If the US government tracked the phenomenon rather than only testing unvaccinated individuals with a CT count made to create false positives, then Americans might have scientific data rather than propaganda in order to form their medical decisions.

Though…the decision to vaccinate is clearly becoming a non-decision as the US government ramps up forced vaccinations across rural areas and attributes “vaccine hesitancy” to rednecky republicans rather than the shot’s inherent sketchiness itself.

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