Colorado parents consider learning pods to safeguard kids from lockdowns and masks

As the lie that is the Delta variant, pseudo-science, spreads across the nation faster than any virus ever could, rumors of imminent lockdowns also fan the flames of parental fears across Colorado and across the nation.

Biden, in his limited mental state, has proclaimed the current COVID-19 scandal the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” totally ignoring the fact that just as often as unvaccinated people.

Nevertheless, safety isn’t the goal. Total eradication of conservative beliefs is the goal of repeated lockdowns. On Monday, CDC Director Rochelle Wolensky announced that not only does the vaccine not prevent the spread of the family of Coronas. But consequently, since the vaccine is ineffective, the CDC now in areas of low vaccinations.

But Colorado parents aren’t necessarily willing to accept this unwelcome mask news; those who lean right and those who cherish their kids’ freedom to breathe are tossing around the idea of learning pods in order to provide a normal year of school for their children.

The Facebook group is dedicated to parents who are making alternative plans in the event of masks and/or critical race theory infiltrating their kids’ schools.

Another Colorado group, , was created by local Weld County moms for the same reasons. The Guardians have attended multiple school board meetings to voice their displeasure with masks and ensure that critical race theory isn’t taught in Colorado.

Hundreds of parents in both groups as well as across social media have also mentioned using head count day as a means of strong-arming their school districts into avoiding masks. Concerned parents

Tay Anderson, Denver Public School Board’s Secretary, accused of raping or molesting 62 kids and under active investigation by multiple agencies for sexual assault and sexting minors, tweeted a slanted poll Thursday asking parents if they’d support universal masking OR masking for kids under the age of twelve, with no option to vote for no masks.

Anderson’s tweet reminds parents just how little power they have over teachers’ unions and socialist agitators, so it’s no wonder they’re quick to join social media groups in order to stand up for their children’s rights.

According to Katie Southard, a parent in the Denver area who helped create the 27J Parents Making a Change group, “The main goals at the current time remain to keep children (very low risk of Covid) unmasked to protect mental health, as well as to make masks and vaccines optional for older children. We believe there should be no recommendation on a vaccine that apparently doesn’t work. We’ve held signs at board meeetings and written many, many emails and one very thorough letter signed by over 100 parents.”

Southard explains, “We are encouraging also community members to apply for board positions and remain involved even if our desires are met at the current time. A big concern is never letting the district have as much control as they did when we are the parents. Many are willing to homeschool, leave district or form pods if necessary and we are prepared to leave Facebook and communicate by other means.”

Between 2020 and 2021, the number of home school families in Colorado . Increasing numbers of parents have had enough of co-parenting with the federal and governments in their daily business. As more and more counties bow down to the overreaching CDC and Polis’s minions, it remains to be seen how many parents will be removing their kids from schools across Colorado.

~Irma Rovva

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