Colorado Dems Communications Director: convicted pedophile, name changed

Colorado Democrats have come to the defenses of Tay Anderson, who is accused of raping or molesting over 62 DPS students. The Communications Director for Colorado Democrats, David Pourshoushtari, otherwise known as David Kim, was convicted in 2007 for a fourth-degree sexual offense…a sexual offense by a person in a position of authority.

, Poushoushtari stated, “I grew up in Rockville, Maryland, and went to college at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County. After trying a few different majors like computer science and psychology, I came to find my calling in political science. Growing up right next to our nation’s capital, you are surrounded by politics, so it’s a wonder I didn’t go into the field sooner.”

Colorado Politics also asked Poushshoushtari why he moved to Colorado;

CP: What brought you to Colorado, and what has kept you here at least so far?

Pourshoushtari: The mountains. I had lived in the east all my life and I was ready for a change. The politics, the people, and all the outdoor spaces have definitely kept me here.”

Pourshoushtari made no mention of his 2007 sexual assault charges or subsequent name change during his 2019 interview.

We reached out to the Colorado Democrats for a statement but have not heard back. Meanwhile, Pourshoushtari’s Twitter and Facebook accounts have been locked to outside comments. It’s no wonder Colorado Dems are so quick to defend Anderson; birds of a feather…

~Irma Rovva