Utah outlaws mandatory COVID-19 vaccines

Utah’s legislature today passed amendments to HB-308, the Utah Immunization Law. HB-308 was originally passed in 2018 and places immunization requirements on schools, parents, and children. The ill-conceived law, almost identical to Colorado’s SB20-163, School Entry Immunization, received the same backlash as Kyle Mullica’s attempt at parenting the state’s minor populace.

Like the State of Colorado, the State of Utah requires, since 2018, immunizations for school-aged children. Utah requires parents to complete an online training module, “for their safety and education,” to opt-out of vaccines for their children, also like the State of Colorado.

Today, however, the State of Utah passed Amendments that prohibit the COVID-19 from inclusion in Utah’s mandatory vaccine regimen. The law itself, HB-308, now with Amendments, still requires vaccines for school-aged children but excludes the COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 vaccine, per the Utah legislature, will also not be permissible as a requirement of any vocational, educational, or governmental functions. The Colorado legislature would be wise to protect its constituents from human trial ramifications, but the legislature, controlled by Democrats, is unlikely to pass any such amendments to SB20-163.

Audio archives indicate that the sponsors, Robert Spendlove and Daniel McKay, do not believe that a vaccine with little trials should be mandatory as a condition of anything via the government. Additionally, the number of adverse vaccine events and deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine will not be known for years. Forcing a human trial on the general population is not the role of legislators or legislation