Tay Anderson will be a father

Tay Anderson announced today that he’s adopting a child, Khalil. First, we’d like to commend Anderson on his endeavor; the world needs more adults who are willing to step up and adopt young kids without homes.

True to form, though, Anderson has already labeled his future child as a victim. Anderson penned an open letter to his future son Khalil, wherein he describes men, like Anderson himself, who are “victims” of growing up without fathers and “victims” of a system of oppression that only Anderson and his comrades describe.

Tay’s adoption also proves that he must have a source of income, as adoption agencies ensure that future patents have adequate income to care for children. Anderson takes possession of his child in May, according to his post and registry.

Tay’s letter to his son

So what is Anderson’s source of income? Nobody in the state of Colorado seems to be able to answer that question, especially not Tay. However he makes his money, again, at least he’s using his funds to do something positive in the state.

Hopefully, Anderson takes good care of his child and doesn’t use him as a political pawn. That said, he doesn’t even have the child yet, and he’s already making political statements, describing his child as a victim.

Khalil, though, is no more a victim than his future father Tay Anderson; Baby Khalil has every opportunity that a white child with a biological father in the picture has. If anything, Khalil, growing up in a political spotlight amidst a sea of BLM and Antifa funding, will have privileges far and above those who Anderson considers his oppressors.

Also, Anderson’s baby registry is live at Target in Los Angeles for those who wish to buy gifts for his baby. Perhaps Khalil could benefit from growing up with the finer things in life and never believing that he’s a victim of anything.