Tay Anderson accused of sexual assault…believe all women, right?

Tay Anderson has been accused of sexual assault by a fellow BLM protestor in February. No details have been revealed, and they’ll be hard to track unless the victim has reported the crime to police.

According to BLM, the organization advocates restorative justice. The victim has only so far asked for an apology and for Tay Anderson to seek mental health counseling for his issues. That ask is probably an idea that most of Colorado would agree with at this point in time.

After a year of Anderson’s thuggish rebel-rousing politics wherein he obstructed police business at a homeless encampment sweep then tried to sue the police, called white people racist on the daily, and insulted every respected official in the state, people have had enough of his antics. Mental health treatment probably won’t make Tay Anderson go away, but it might help with his anger and aggression.

The victim in this case has asked for an apology, which causes Anderson to self-incriminate if he gives her what she wants. If he doesn’t apologize and refuses to admit guilt, her feelings about pressing charges may change. Regardless, Denver Police can press charges without the victim’s consent. Lots of eyes are on Anderson today as he confers with his attorney about how to escape the justice he has spent the last two years crying about. #metoo.

Notably, a judge in Milwaukee who pushed drag for all ages like Mr. Anderson was arrested last week on child pornography charges. It seems that the child drag queen movement, which is relatively new, may not be run by as wholesome of individuals as they claim to be.

Anderson was advised by his attorney not to speak on the matter. Attorney retainer fees in Denver range from $1500 to $10,000, depending on the circumstances. Once again, where does Anderson get his money? Coloradoans are anxiously awaiting Tay’s responses.