Republican states are red “COVID clusters…” will soon need door to door vaccines

The fear propaganda machine has been pushed into overdrive, as vaccine hesitancy in specific states puts the entire United States at risk! The data presented in a blatantly contradicts CDC data. However, this does not hinder Georgetown’s claims the university has more accurate data than the CDC, as they have “corrected it” to fit party agendas.

Georgetown University has identified five clusters of unvaccinated people, in eight states, that are susceptible to surging COVID-19 cases. As if they aren’t enough danger to themselves, these clusters are allowing COVID-19 to run rampant, giving the virus the opportunity to mutate and create more variants…at least according to the rhetoric.

The longer these clusters remain unvaccinated, the more of a danger they become, not only to themselves, but the entire US, by encouraging more deadly variants. In the article, Dr. Anthony Fauci clarified, “We know that if you give the virus the opportunity to circulate and replicate, you give it the opportunity to generate more variants.” Apparently, these clusters are seeking to fulfill a variant pangram, utilizing every letter of the greek alphabet by propagating COVID-19 variants with open arms.

To make matters worse, these shameless “vaccine hesitant hotbeds” are negating any medical progress the US has made in an attempt to eradicate Covid-19.  Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a professor at George Washington University and CNN medical analyst , “These clusters of unvaccinated people are what is standing in the way of us putting this virus down permanently.”  If you live in one of these clusters, and have not received the vaccine, you are suppressing scientific progress.    

The eight states giving the virus (and potential variants) the green light?  Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  

Georgetown University study lead, Shweta Bansal, an associate professor of biology, , “We find that the vaccination data reported by the CDC is significantly incomplete/incorrect for a number of states (including Colorado, Georgia, New Mexico, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont and Wisconsin) and moderately incomplete/incorrect for an additional set of states (California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington).”

According to Bansal, the following states that have “significant to moderately incomplete/inaccurate data sets provided to the CDC:   

Bansal explains, “For these states, we integrate vaccination data reported by individual state health departments (as the CDC recommends that states be considered the authoritative source for vaccination data). 

After “correcting” states with incomplete/inaccurate data, the states below are dangerous (red) hotbeds for Covid-19.

The Georgetown University study skews statistics based on low population counties as a statewide indicator versus cumulative state totals and nationwide comparisons. 

Additionally, Georgetown is quick to point out that Republican areas are hesitant to get vaccinated. Georgetown refers to these states as “cluster states” and then analyses the number of republican senate seats in each state, as if the CDC or Georgetown has the power to influence future senate races…or for now to create division amongst the virtuous democrats, eager to sign up for more understudied booster shots in order to “do their part,” and the selfish anti-science hillbilly republicans.

Two weeks ago in an overreaching speech on vaccinations, to inquire about household vaccination status and peddle vaccine propaganda to their neighbors. Unfortunately, we can anticipate more unsolicited knocks on our doors to “address vaccine hesitancy.”

In April, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the formation of the CCC, whose scope is public health education…specifically covid-19 vaccine education. Since then, the CCC has been actively  to do its dirty work, with the goal of soliciting and distributing the government’s vaccine educational information (propaganda). 

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, Anthony Fauci, COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force Chair Marcella Nunez-Smith and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

Americans may view the CCC’s , which also include a problem child area-statistical “vaccine hesitancy .” Resources include tailored propaganda for different sectors of the population, such as LGBTQIA+ vaccine marketing tools, vaccine hesitancy tools for black people, and special propaganda for the elderly.

The CCC has already been active in placing phone calls and sending texts, along with distributing social media propaganda, to eliminate public vaccine hesitancy. However, some states (others will follow) are taking the vaccine gestapo tactics a step further and planning door-to-door canvassing from CCC officials. 

In New Jersey, for example, unvaccinated and vaccinated people should expect a CCC state official to . The CCC will go to all homes in a given neighborhood and speak with those who haven’t been vaccinated or thank (and/or recruit) those who have already been vaccinated.

Not to worry, Alabama. It was just “two weeks to slow the spread,” and soon gestapo vaxxers will be coming to your door. Everything the conspiracy theorists believed so far about the COVID-19 scandal has come to fruition. Anyone who doubts that force and arrest may be imminently waiting for unvaxxed Georgians as the sun sets on communism entering into America is delusional.

Knock knock…”we’re from the government, and we need to see your papers. We’re here to help.”