Recall of DougCo School District suspended on condition that students return March 22nd

Road to Recall DCSD announced Tuesday night that it would suspend the recall effort, as DCSD Interim Superintendent Corey Wise announced that Douglas County students will most likely return to in-person learning on March 22nd.

Per Road to Recall DCSD’s statement:

This afternoon, the Douglas County parents behind the effort to recall four Douglas County School District (DCSD) board members announced their intention to suspend the recall campaign, contingent on the DCSD board following through on its declared intention to act at the board meeting tonight to safely return students to the classroom.”

Nate Ormond, the father of a middle-school DougCo student and founder of the recall campaign, said: “The motivation behind our recall campaign has been DCSD’s failure to safely return students to the classroom, in-person full-time, for all grades, K – 12. Tonight, the board is finally making the right decision. This is a major victory for DougCo parents, though it came far too late and only under the pressure of our campaign.

“Ormond continued, ‘By agreeing to safely return students to the classroom, DCSD is eliminating the primary rationale for the recall. For that reason — assuming the board follows through on its stated intention tonight — we will suspend the campaign and turn our eyes to November with the goal of holding the current board responsible for its failure to put our children first. We know that certain vested interests will oppose us, and we’re okay with that. We represent the students and the parents, not the entrenched bureaucracy that has kept our schools closed.'”

“‘A word to our Road2Recall volunteers — thank you, thank you, thank you, and our work together has only just begun. Our first victory is tonight, with our next four waiting for us in November. Stay tuned. You’ll be hearing from us soon.'”

With the goal of the recall being the return of in-person learning, Road to Recall DCSD has accomplished its mission. Ormond pledges to focus on removing the school board members during November elections, though it remains to be seen if the wounds of COVID-19 school shutdowns and the misery of DougCo kids will be fresh enough, come November, to achieve the same replacements.

Often, voters’ wounds heal with time, and interest wanes when issues are replaced months later with new ones in the voters’ minds. DCSD, with help from lockdown and mask activists like DougCo’s failed Commissioner candidate Darien Wilson, who aggressively confronted Road to Recall DCSD in a grocery store parking lot last week, now have eight months to formulate solid plans to refute the charges that they are incompetent in their year-long refusal to open schools.

DCSD has acted dangerously, without regard for DougCo students’ health, education, or well-being. The time for negotiations should have passed, and DougCo voters must not forget the damage done to their children eight months from now.