Maryland now deploying North Korean propaganda carts for vax “info”

Maryland Department of Health has deployed what it calls sound trucks to loudly fight vaccine “misinformation” by playing “COVID-19 and vaccine facts” from speakers in vans riding through targeted neighborhoods.

It doesn’t really matter what the justification is; this is communism.

And according to Fox5 DC, the sound vans are working;

“‘We do know that there is a level of effectiveness. When we previously used the sound truck in zip code 21224 we specifically mentioned Sacred Heart Church. We were promoting testing at the time. They were doing some testing clinics and quite a few people came in for tests and the reason they gave is they heard the sound truck,’ said Dr. Mark Martin, with the department’s Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities.”

Notice the above quote came from the Health Department’s minority outreach section. The zip code 21224, Baltimore, has a dense Hispanic population. St. George’s County, where these sound vans are first deployed, is about 34% black, as opposed to the national average of 13.4% black.

North Korean propaganda carts

In the vide above, the cart broadcasts the voice of broadcaster Ri Chun Hee, who is famous for delivering news from North Korea’s regime, including nuclear bomb tests and demands of citizens for compiance, as in the van above. In that clip, she is instructing North Koreans that they need to comply with that day’s orders.

The propaganda vans, which clearly originated in communist countries like North Korea, are called “outreach,” and MDH is very proud of the vans on its Twitter account.

MDH Twitter

Since North Korean media is entirely state-owned, as in China, it is 100% controlled by the regime. The media serves as a single source for all health, education, and news related issues. There is only one view, and no others are permitted. The media protects the regime at all costs and are actually regime insiders. The North Korean regime, as with the Chinese regime, controls all internet. Readers can only find or view what the regime, via its media, make available to people. Negative information about the regime won’t be published in North Korea. In China, when journalist Chen Qiushi published information about coronavirus that contradicted the regime’s narrative, he went missing. He was found later, “under government supervison.”

The people to which the Maryland Department of Health are speaking are not allwoed to receive information about COVID-19, masks, elections, gun safety, or a wide array of issue, because it may be “harmful.” The propaganda trucks are just the tip of the iceberg in this hostile takeover of American media. It’s for your safety.