March is figurative mask burning month: why it’s way past time for civil disobedience

Memes and events are making their way around social media, indicating March is “mask-burning month.”

The largest efforts seem to be concentrated in Idaho, which has planned mask burning events. At Holy Apostles Church in Meridian, Idaho, a planned mask burning will take place on March 6th, which has stirred national controversy. also lists barrel sites for mask collection and later burning.

Mask burning posted on social media

The evidence on masks overwhelmingly shows that masks don’t work; if anything, they make people sicker. In the first week of February in Elizabeth, Colorado, a masked high school basketball player suffered a traumatic medical event precipitated by mask wearing while she played basketball.

Every scientific study on masks that we can find demonstrates they do nothing to prevent illness. But after twelve months of mask propaganda, thanks to Biden’s, Fauci’s, and over a dozen democratic governor’s mask deals with the CCP, Fauci now pushes two masks.

Mask memes

Furthermore, masks signify compliance. Thousands of memes on the subject fill Facebook pages daily since the start of the family of Coronavirus being launched as a pandemic. Just look at China; the Chinese people have worn masks since the dawn of the SARS event in 2002.

“Coincidentally,” to this day, with all of the scientific research at China’s disposal, the origin of SARS remains unclear; most “research” points to a bat. The Chinese government was able to convince the Chinese people that wearing masks was the polite and civil thing to prevent the spread of SARS. Prior to SARS, the CCP and its Health Ministry had encouraged masks and social distancing for decades but couldn’t obtain maximum compliance. After SARS, Chinese people were said to overall be a much more compliant bunch, and the masks never went away. Many Chinese people wear them now as a fashion statement.

A government able to restrict the free breathing of individuals is able to do anything it desires. And…the government is indeed doing just that at present-anything it desires.

If you are still wearing a mask, and you’ve read all of the research highlighted throughout this website, it’s time to ask why. If you haven’t read any of the research contained on this site, spend some time using our search function to read about masks. The evidence is irrefutable.

It’s also way past time to ask, “if I’m wearing a mask because I’m told to do so,” am I complicit in an unjust “law,” though again mandates aren’t laws. Laws must be voted in by a majority of a legislative body, not mandated by an elected official such as Governor Polis.

We have been told told that

  • Spring 2020: Lockdowns would most likely be two weeks to flatten the curve.
  • Social distancing would likely last two weeks, to flatten the curve.
  • Mask mandates would only last 30 days, to flatten the curve.
  • School shutdowns, though empirically unnecessary, would only be a few weeks, to flatten the curve.
  • Summer 2020: Now we need to lower case counts, not “the curve.”
  • Restaurants, schools, churches, bars, theaters, salons, and parks may all be super-spreaders. Big box stores and social justice events are not super-spreaders.
  • Fall: Deaths are down, cases are up. Never mind that a paw paw, goat, and chicken wings test positive for “Coronavirus.”
  • COVID-19 include any in which a patient died and tested positive for COVID-19 within 30 days of death.
  • Never mind that over half of COVID-19 deaths include comorbidities of heart attacks, terminal cancer, pneumonia, influenza, motorcycle accidents, cocaine overdoses, and suicides.
  • Winter 2020: hospital bed availability becomes the focus as “cases” become arbitrary, and “deaths” are a blanket statement.
  • Hospital bed availability, however, is distorted to reflect how many beds “should be available” using an arbitrary formula.
  • Winter 2020: Continue social distancing, wearing masks, and get the vaccine when it’s available.
  • The vaccine is available, but continue wearing masks and social distancing. The vaccine won’t stop the spread. Businesses in most states won’t open up at full capacity.
  • Millions are unemployed, waiting for unemployment, homeless, hungry. COVID-19 becomes more elusive than Joe Biden as the months go by…but just keep doing as you’re told.

It’s time to burn the masks, figuratively more so than literally, because they’re not useful as medical devices. In most cases, they’re not even necessary in the operating room (no really)…so it’s impossible that they’re preventing viruses from spreading. If this were a true pandemic, flimsy pieces of fabric would not stop the spread of anything. Deadly particles of the virus on the door handle at 7-11, the tray holding lattes in the Starbucks drive-through, the books of school children, the packages from Amazon, the millions of trash cans picked up by garbage companies each week, the salads ordered on GribHub, the fruits handled by thousands of farmers in less civilized countries would prove to be lethal.

Don’t literally burn masks in Colorado due to wildfires

True pandemics, especially with the scope of “contract tracing” follow logic and patterns in their spread; they don’t take different forms, cause news symptoms every three weeks, become lumped in with other diagnoses for inexplicable reasons, cause large governments, agencies like the CDC and WHO, to have a fluid approach, and require pieces of fabric and paper, which are strewn about by the millions in public waterways, streets and open spaces, left by children on their art tables ten times per day, to stop any “spread.”

It’s way past time for civil disobedience, and the least anyone interested in preserving individual liberties can do is refuse to comply with mandates that include masks, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and anything else in the form or COVID-19 mandates.