COVID Community Corps: report unvaccinated neighbors with our spreadsheet, home vaccinators on the way

The is coming to your door soon. “Have you been vaccinated? If not, why not?” Following the instructions spelled out for them by the CDC, community vaccine Stasi will be going door to door trying to convince the unvaccinated you get the COVID-19 shot.

In April, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the formation of the CCC, whose scope is public health education…specifically covid-19 vaccine education. Since then, the CCC has been actively to do its dirty work, with the goal of soliciting and distributing the government’s vaccine educational information (propaganda).

The CCC has already been active in placing phone calls and sending texts, along with distributing social media propaganda, to eliminate public vaccine hesitancy. However, some states (others will follow) are taking the vaccine gestapo tactics a step further and planning door-to-door canvassing from CCC officials

In New Jersey, for example, unvaccinated and vaccinated people experienced CCC state official . The CCC will go to all homes in a given neighborhood and speak with those who haven’t been vaccinated or thank (and/or recruit) those who have already been vaccinated.

The readily made propaganda created on July 12th for Lake County, Illinois’ most intrusive neighbors walks CCC (COVID Community Corps) agents through any non-vaccinated person scenario. Afraid of side effects? There’s a two word answer for that. “It’s safe.” Afraid of the J&J vaccine? This script says “it’s totally effective.”

The CCC will even bring community vaccinators to your neighborhood or senior community to administer as many shots as possible to your neighbors. What could possibly go wrong?

Lake County, Illinois laments that only 26% of its population is vaccinated. Because that’s not the “neighborly” statistic Lake County strives for, the county will rely on neighbors to turn each other into health authorities…literally.

“Be sure to fill out the door knocking spreadsheet with the counts of who still needs a vaccine, who is already vaccinated, who needs more info, etc.”

Got it, comrades? You’re the new gestapo. Report your neighbor’s health status to the health department. Make sure that if anyone is utilizing medical freedom and making their own decisions for their family, perhaps skipping the experimental shot that could very well be eugenics, they are promptly reported to the authorities. It’s for their safety…

~Irma Rovva