Colorado Herald in Facebook Gulag again; why that’s dangerous for everyone

We are settling in nicely at the Zuckerberg Gulag this evening for our next 30 day stint in Facebook jail. What did we do to receive this sentence? See the post below.

Clearly, the Facebook Ministry of Truth does not appreciate word getting out about four people who died in one state, Utah, within days of receiving the new gene therapy cocktail.

Previously, the Colorado Herald has served 30 day stints in Facebook jail for posting:

  • Mask studies that contradict that masks are the saving grace of the USA (twice)
  • A list of Governor Polis’s orders, including “the New Normal Advisory Board”

The Facebook powers that be are in charge now; Big Tech reigns supreme, and it really wants everyone in the country to be vaccinated and wear masks.

There are clear incidents of people dying from the COVID-19 vaccine, just as there is clear evidence that COVID-19 is overblown. There’s also clear evidence that . But thanks to the fact that Big Tech controls the media, science, elected officials, and every aspect of our lives today, evidence no longer matters. Science is what the left says it is, and opinions are no longer wanted or needed. In fact, wants to criminalize and fine unpopular opinions or anything that the Governor’s Communist Commission on speech deems “dangerous, conspiratorial, or hateful.”

We as a country let this happen…one day, one book, one “term” at a time. warned of the dangers of political correctness, but he never saw Mark Zuckerberg coming. We also let social media control or lives. With those two notions and the guise of a virus, public safety, and social justice, the left is actually ushering in this nightmare scenario in which speech is punished and neighbors turn gestapo.

The left is ushering in communism, piece by piece, as the slowly boiling public accepts it for a piece of safety the government won’t ever provide. And indeed, now the government comes for the , as the slowly boiling public allows it.

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