CO Republicans call for Tay Anderson ally to be removed from Equality Town Hall; Dems still silent on allegations

The Colorado GOP has released a statement on an upcoming Town Hall event on Equity & Inclusion, “The Colorado Democrat Party is hosting a town hall on “LGBTQ Equality and Gender Equity. Just one problem. One of their panelists is a close friend and former advisor to Tay Anderson who has pled guilty to a disturbing firearms charge after a shooting and an incident with a prostitute. In recent weeks, Coates has targeted critics of Anderson online.”

“Join us TODAY and demand that the Colorado Democrat Party remove Coates from this panel.”

The statement by the Colorado GOP was released via email and . The Colorado GOP also created a from the panel before Monday’s Town Hall, which is virtual.

Last Thursday, DPS students, led by GiGi Gordon, at Denver City Hall to call for Tay Anderson’s resignation, new diplomas without Anderson’s name on them, and justice for all alleged victims of Anderson. That same evening, by Coates and his friends on Facebook.

Coates posted about GiGi Gordon, “She is much, much more dangerous. She is a while girl who masters crocodile tears to manipulate others, and there will be the wreckage of many, mostly male, lives in her wake.” Cedillo goes on to say, “not just males. Any females who reach out and try to befriend, follow help her.”

While the Colorado Republicans have repeatedly called for Anderson’s resignation from the DPS Board, and now they call for his associate who mocked students to step back from a public role, Colorado Democrats are mostly silent on allegations against Anderson. One of the very few statements issued, by , a prominent democrat and Tay Anderson supporter, obtained by Jimmy Sengenberger, reads, “The allegations against Director Anderson are very disturbing. Each and every one of these allegations should be fully investigated, and, if warranted, prosecuted. Any person who committed such behavior should have no role in public office or a position of authority.”

In addition to his close ties to Phil Weiser, Anderson has also closely associated with Representative Leslie Herrod, Representative Jennifer Bacon, Representative Steven Woodrow, Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca, and dozens of other elected officials across the state. Understandably, those people have not yet released any public statements on the allegations against their friend.

While it’s understandable that Colorado Democrats haven’t yet condemned what are still known as “allegations” against Anderson, it would be human of them to refrain from engaging in posts and interactions that shame DPS students and potential victims of Anderson or anyone else. Representative Woodrow was quick to engage with several social media posts aimed at discrediting protest speakers last week.

While allegations remain simply that for now, and as a private investigative team hired by DPS to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct and rape against Tay Anderson continues its work, the is begging for more than just silence from Colorado Democrats.

~Irma Rovva