Anti-gun rally pulled from Tay Anderson as host

As the Tay Anderson self implosion reaches new highs, Anderson has been pulled from tomorrow’s 2:00 pm assault on the Second Amendment in Denver.

Anderson, accused of sexual assault by a BLM peer in February, is in the midst of his epic fall from Grace, so the socialists at Moms Demand Action, March for our Lives, and Students Demand Action have cancelled Tay in ironically chaotic fashion….because “believe all women.”

Last night, Tay’s mom came to his defenses, calling BLM “nigga” and “hoeish” in an attempt to clear Tay’s name from sexual assault charges. By this morning, the Anderson camp had issued a statement, obviously not written by Tay, claiming that Tay had no idea he assaulted anyone.

Tay claims, in his attorney or campaign managers’ words, that he could have never assaulted anyone; all of his “partners” were willing and able to participate in sex acts with Tay. He calls the allegations gut-wrenching and condemns BLM for not coming to him first to speak about the allegations.

In typical victim fashion, this isn’t Tay’s fault. It’s BLM’s fault that they didn’t give Tay Tay a friendly “heads up” to inform him about the serious sexual assault allegations. Tay is always the victim, see?