Capitol coup planned March 4th by Three Percenters?

Washington, D.C. Capitol Police indicated today what most social media users already knew; Q’Anon believers assert that on March 4th, Donald Trump will resume the office of the President. It’s not a theory that makes any sense. Q’s believe that since the elections, Trump has remained in control of the US military and will be coming back to regain control of the country tomorrow.

Media reports peg the Three Percenters this time, rather than Proud Boys, as the group that will allegedly attempt a coup at the Capitol tomorrow. According to Jacqueline Anderson, Mesa County GOP Vice-Chair, although she does not directly belong to the more tightly defined Three Percent groups, Anderson has associated with III for years, even sporting a bumper sticker on her car, without any blowback or negative consequences from media or activists.

According to Anderson, as well as media sources, Three Percenters have never attempted a riot or insurrection. The group, instead, is more of an idea, like Antifa. In this case, III stands for freedom from government, a very large umbrella of smaller groups and more specific causes. Anderson says that the parent “umbrella” is concerned with liberty, individual rights, and freedom from government oppression, not riots.

Three Percenters, Boots on the Ground Bikers for Trump with Congresswoman Boebert

“You are protected by the Constitution and by the First Amendment, and the government cannot stop peaceful, lawful gathering of people expressing their values and opinions,” says Anderson when asked if she is aware of any planned Three Percent riots in Washington, D.C. tomorrow.

Will another riot or coup attempt actually occur tomorrow? Anderson’s bet is on the fact that nothing will happen tomorrow; if any demonstrations or protests occur, they will be small-scale demonstrations of freedom and conservative values, and/or small-scale demonstrations by BLM and Antifa.

As Anderson and her husband Corey have learned in the last year since the advent of wokeness and Coronavirus, which have been confusingly intermingled into “public safety,” those who associate with groups that tout conservative values like personal freedom have been increasingly targeted by Big Tech as “hateful extremist groups” to further create division.

Divison is the goal. Jacqueline Anderson, like her friend Lauren Boebert, believes that Big Tech and government want division. A society divided cannot as effectively fight against government tyranny as a society that is united against its government.

And indeed, Capitol Police, at the command of Nancy Pelosi and those hell-bent on further internal US division, are scaring Americans into believing that right-wing people are violent and will never stop attempting to overthrow the government. But the media and Pelosi’s comrades have failed to recognize that Q’Anon does not represent all conservatives, and even the Q’Anon folks likely won’t attempt riots on a scale massive enough to justify 30,000 National Guard troops.

Since January, estimates have placed the cost of creating a dictator’s compound at around $500 million, which many suspect will be passed onto the taxpayer.

At CPAC this past weekend, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert spoke about “Fort Pelosi,” referring to the ongoing lockdown and fencing around the Capitol building.

“‘I wouldn’t be surprised if we start quartering soldiers in the committee hearing rooms,’ Boebert said during a gun-rights panel at the annual GOP confab.”

On Thursday, acting US Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman told the public that armed militias want to “blow up the Capitol” and “kill as many members as possible.” Pittman believed that when Biden addresses Congress, “right-wing militia groups” will attack the legislature.

Capitol Fencing, via The Hill

Pittman has no estimate on when the Capitol fencing will be removed; her claims of ongoing right-wing extremism have no timeline and actually don’t seem to be backed by actual intel, but rather are backed by speculation and fear-mongering.

Will there be a huge insurrectionist riot tomorrow in Washington, D.C.? Probably not; but the right-wing extremist narrative sold to the average US citizen will have him believe that the Capitol Police and FBI are working hard to thwart the efforts of “right-wing extremists” sent by Donald Trump to tear the Capitol and its nation apart from the inside.

Ideas are just that; ideas. Without the free flow of ideas, stifled by Big Tech and fear-mongering, are the American people truly free? If we aren’t free to educate our children as we wish (an idea important to the Andersons and Three Percenters), we aren’t free to express ourselves, and we aren’t free to call the ongoing division what it actually is, indoctrination, then what is freedom?

Anderson, a peaceful “Three Percenter” states, “We need to stop with this division. We need to rise up and treat our fellow men with love and respect.”