Insurrection Act declared Saturday night?

Rumors abound on social media amongst Trump’s biggest supporters that “it isn’t over! The Insurrection Act was signed last night. This is a

January 6th Mayhem?

On January 6th, Congress will meet to count and certify the electoral votes that were sent to DC last week by each state’s

Update on MAGA Drag 11/1

Bandimere security guards captured at least 14,000 vehicles arriving at the speedway for the conclusion of today’s MAGA Drag. This morning, Trump supporters

A Very Surprising October

In the last 48 hours, explosive allegations have been made by Allen Harrow Parrot, a CIA whistleblower who’s spent the last 20 years

Re-elect Cory Gardner

Elect Cory Gardner 

From: Will Johnson, Highlands Ranch Most of us agree that our country is sorely needing more bipartisan,constructive dialogue and cooperation these days. Senator

Trump’s double-digit loss touted by MSM

Mainstream media is selling this story like hot cakes; Trump is losing by double digits now! Americans, your president is now trailing Biden

Debate night recap

Thoughts on the Debate… Trump starts off strong, though looking admittedly angry. Biden starts off strong as well. Immediately, they enter into an