Soros money reaches Mile High politics

Douglas County, Colorado is a mess with Communist influences this election season. Amy Padden, who’s ruining for DA of the 18th Judicial Circuit, has received more contributions from George Soros than any candidate in Tracer. And those are just the direct contributions and not washed contributions.

Her opponent, John Kellner, believes in personal freedoms, the second amendment, and law and order. Amy believes that race and “inequalities” should factor into the duties of a DA; newsflash-that’s not your job, Amy.

Next time you see an Amy L. Padden for DA sign, remember who bought it George Soros, the man who says his greatest accomplishment will be destroying America.

Douglas County, you have some important elections this season, and your freedoms depend on voting. Will you welcome the Soros family into DougCo politics this year or vote for the candidate who has zero ties to China?…/endorsing-progressive-district-and…