Some COVID-19 tests contain EtO-poison

Ethylene oxide is normally produced in massive quantities and is often an intermediate for ethylene glycol. EtO is also used as a fumigant

Conservative cleansing takes

As reported by, the website has been pulled from Godaddy’s servers. They are seeking an alternative server company but have a workaround

Blackouts headed to the US?

Early Sunday morning, a massive blackout swept the Vatican. The same issue occurred in Pakistan early Sunday morning. Both were the largest blackouts

Why does a COVID-19 vaccine contain HIV?

Nobody knows why, but a vaccine trial this week in Australia was halted because several vaccine recipients later tested positive for human immunodeficiency

Lyon’s Den Stand for Freedom Rally Sunday

Lyon’s Den Restaurant & Taphouse in Lyons, Colorado has stood up to King Polis’ mandates longer and harder than most restaurants. When Polis

NY Times Bestselling author: GOP is Nazis

Kurt Eichenwald, a New York Times bestselling author and journalist, tweeted this morning that more Americans have died from COVID-19 than Jews in

Lockdowns are here!

Congratulations if you live in these counties; your turn at Communism is coming first. In other words, your County is now in red