Is the COVID vaxx injury rate higher than the infection fatality rate?

As previously demonstrated, the COVID-19 infection fatality rate (IFR) is minute; it depends whom you ask, but the current estimates lean towards 1.8% overall if the elderly and immune compromised are included. For healthy young people, the COVID-19 IFR is much lower.

Adverse reactions as of 12/18

As of Friday, December 18th, 112,807 people had received the COVID-19 vaccine and registered with V-safe Active Surveillance (a CDC smartphone-based tool that uses text messaginy/surveys to gather health data and allow reporting of any adverse side effects, etc.). Of the 112,807 V-safe registered-vacciene-recipients, 3,150 people (2.79 percent) have reported adverse reactions or “Health Impact Events.”

According to the CDC, “Health Impact Events” are defined as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.” Essentially, the risk of negative effects from the vaccine (cure) is significantly higher than the virus (problem).

A CDC epidemiologist (Dr. Thomas Clark) presented the : you have a higher risk, 2.79 percent, of having adverse reactions to the vaccine than from dying of COVID-19, 1.8% risk (this includes the elderly and high risk). If you’re a healthy adult between the ages of eighteen and forty years old, the risk of a vaccine injury versus death from the virus is much higher.

AOC’s uncredentialed advice

Not at all an epidemiologist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently posted, “Hey everyone! So we found out last night that the COVID vaccine was available to members of Congress as part of ‘continuity of governance’ plan (basically a national security measure).” She then posted a video on her “proactive measure” of being vaccinated.

The takeaway from AOC’s politics as she sees it: ignore scientific data and risks, and trust social media. And why not? Facebook obviously knows what is is Politicians such as Nancy Pelosi and Jared Polis touted the vaccine for months, smiling in photo ops, while they performed little to no actual data, research or objective analysis of their own. In the meantime, Republican Congressman Ken Buck was in most media and political circles for protesting that he won’t get a vacccine because the risk of injury is more worrisome than the risk of dying from the virus itself.

Quick Stats/Risk Analysis

Death by COVID-19 by way of CDC: 0.5%-2.0%, 1.8% overall.

Keep in mind, this includes motorcycle accident deaths, overdoses (deaths with COVID), thousands of people who initially died via ventilators, heart attacks who happened to have COVID, and the , short for pneumonia, influenza, and/or COVID death.

Death by way of COVID: It’s harder to say everyday because it depends on the state, the health department, the CDC, a lot of politics, actual lying by several agencies, and infinitely many more factors.

Adverse COVID-19 Vaccine Reaction: 2.8%. This comes from 112, 807 actual human beings reporting their symptoms to an app.

Yes, the COVID-19 vaccine injury rate, as of today, is higher than the COVID-19 infection fatality rate