El Paso County Sheriff won’t enforce COVID mandates

…because police officers are trained to prevent and respond to actual crimes, not communist edicts. The EPC Sheriff’s office told us this morning that they, again, won’t be enforcing Polis’ fake laws and unconstitutional mandates. So, El Paso county, you should party like it’s 2019.

El Paso County, population 720,000, was informed Monday that citizens were moving to Communism in November 27th. The red level designation means that bars are closed, restaurants may only serve to-go food, and gyms may only open at 10% capacity with reservations…because Rona.

For Wave 1 of Colorado Communism, and the rest of the staff refused to issue citations for mask violations. The actions upset crying COVID Communists throughout Colorado, who want to defund the police but call the police when they don’t “feel safe.”

EPC Sheriff’s deputies

That’s really all this is about…making crying Communists feel safe. Sheriff Elder and the EPC Sheriff’s office, however, aren’t here to enforce petty mandates. Police officers have actual crimes to worry about. They’re here to keep El Paso county safe, which means free from violent crime, not a false sense of safety via a piece of cloth over one’s mouth.

Party like it’s 2019.