Beware Adams County

Adams County, be careful who you vote for. Emma Pinter for Adams County shows how she really feels about police officers in her Facebook posts. A quick perusal of her personal page also reveals her ties to BLM, Tay Anderson, and Parasol Patrol.

Parasol Patrol is a group that brings minor children to drag events and shields them from conservative protestors. In the Denver Colorado area, Parasol Patrol primarily works with Drag for All Ages, a group that gives children a stage to perform in drag.

We are faced with unprecedented decisions this year regarding the safety and well being of our children, and encouraging the sexualization of minors is not the direction Colorado parents need or want.

Officials who support BLM and the destruction and defunding of police are a clear and present danger to society.…/mile-high…/234070/…/parasol-patrol-protects-drag…