A Very Surprising October

In the last 48 hours, explosive allegations have been made by Allen Harrow Parrot, a CIA whistleblower who’s spent the last 20 years practicing falconry with elite officials in the Middle East. Parrot contacted Charles Woods, father of Tryone Woods, killed in Benghazi, to help leak the information. Anna Khait was also contacted, at which point the story hit Twitter.

For several years before and after Operation Neptune Spear, the kill Osama mission, the Obama administration was in bed with Iran, almost from day 1 of his administration. Meanwhile, Clinton was working with Turkish extremists to arm Syrian rebels. She used a personal email server to conduct this business.

Osama Bin Ladin was kept safe and alive via US, Iran, and Saudi Arabia for well over a decade after 9-11. According to Parrot, in the months leading up to Operation Neptune Spear, US Intelligence and the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton and John Brennan were aware that Iran was hiding Bin Ladin in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Obama decided to wait several months to complete the mission so that he could use the body as a “re-election trophy,” which was recorded by Parrot.

When Operation Neptune Spear was carried out on May 11, 2011, Seal Team 6 executed whom they believed to be Bin Ladin in the Abbottabad compound. However, Iran had switched Bin Ladin with a decoy.

In the hours immediately proceeding the execution of Bin Ladin, the Obama administration and all associated officials were told that Seal Team 6 had killed a decoy.

Clinton communicated to Obama and Biden that they needed to execute Seal Team 6 to cover up the fact that Osama Bin Ladin was not killed, which Obama initially refuted. Iran asked for $152 billion dollars to keep the scandal quiet. Obama really wanted to be re-elected and eventually decided to kill the Seals.

The administration killed Seal Team 6 and paid the money to Iran, $2 billion of which was converted to cash and went back to US officials for their silence. Parrot claims that there are pages and pages, as well as hours of audio, to confirm the payments.

On August 6, 2011, the Chinook carrying 38 people, including the Seals, was shot down by insurgents, killing all 38 people on board.

To this day, many dispute the story of a helicopter crash caused by insurgents as well as the absence of Bin Ladin’s body, especially given how Saddam Hussein’s body was paraded around so boastfully. The Obama administration claims they told Iran to throw Bin Ladin’s body into the mountains or the water, which is against Muslim religion.

Parrot and Khait claim that terabytes of data, including emails from Hillary, signed documents by Brennan and other top officials, as well as hours of audio with Obama, Biden, and others, were turned over in the last 24 hours to a US Congressman.

Photo of the a White House courtesy of The 1600 Report

A top General (who we all know and love according to Khait) was asked about this information yesterday, October 11th. The General called the info “spot on.”

One of Trump’s first priorities in office was to condemn the prior administration’s relations with Iran, a sentiment shared by General Flynn, who Q drops state “knows where the bodies are.”

General Flynn resigned in 2017 after misleading Pence about his communications with Russia. Trump asked FBI Director Comey to spare Flynn, which Comey refused. Flynn offered to testify about the Russia probe in exchange for immunity, but he was rejected. Flynn later pledged his allegiance to Trump in the 2020 elections and tweeted “#WWG1WGA,” Where We Go One, We Go All.

If even a shadow of this is true, then the Obama administration killed a total of 42 individuals and committed treason and bribery. Anna Khait claims that she has listened to the audio and seen many of the documents, and that it’s all legitimate.

Links ???? point to several people, including a well liked general, who have now seen the information and listened to the audio. ????????




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