The Pfizer Papers: Part 1- Veterans are the Experimental Group

Receiving the Pfizer-Biontech COVID-19 vaccination through the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Healthcare Administration automatically enrolls patients in a 30-month health surveillance study!

Pfizer has inclusive access to all veterans’ health data, for a 30-month period, when they receive a COVID-19 vaccine at the VA. Utilizing this data to complete long-term studies of an EUA vaccination seems predatory and intrusive. Pfizer is exploiting valorous honorably discharged military, naval, and air service veterans for their health data anytime they utilize their benefits to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

“Multiple long-term pharmacoepidemiology safety studies will be conducted. Three studies will identify cohorts of persons in the US receiving vaccine and estimate the incidence rate of adverse events of special interest over a 30-month period following vaccine availability under the EUA.”

Notably, the studies will include ALL patients documented as receiving vaccine within the DOJ and the VA.

To ensure a free constant supply of medical data for long term vaccine adverse effects, Pfizer ambiguously mentions their studies will identify “cohorts of persons in the US receiving vaccine.” While ambiguous at best, “cohorts” can easily be identifiable via the Veterans Affairs website.

According to its , the VA, offers COVID-19 vaccines to “veterans, spouses, caregivers and CHAMPVA recipients.”

The EUA Safety Surveillance Study and Pharmacovigilance Plan, which was submitted as part of Pfizer’s EUA vaccine application, can be found , in a committee briefing document. Please note pages 72-73 for Pfizer’s long term studies, which will be ongoing until 2023 and possibly beyond.

In summary, Pfizer is mandating (in fine print) the release of patients’ VA health information for surveillance in exchange for utilizing government benefits and getting vaccinated. What a deal! Act Fast! Pfizer’s 30-month complementary study extends to your VA “cohorts,” as well!