Mass Facebook lockouts through January 23rd

Social media users today are reporting a rash of lock-outs from Facebook, primarily the inability to create groups, post in groups, or create events on Facebook.

Typically, Facebook utilizes twenty-four hour, seventy-two hour, one week, or thirty-day jail sentences prior to completely erasing accounts entirely.

But beginning Friday, thousands of users, if not more, across Facebook, reported that they are temporarily locked out of certain Facebook features until the early morning of January 23rd.

The users all receive the same error message; “You’re temporarily restricted from doing things like posting or commenting on groups, Pages or events until January 23 at 6:11am.”

Since the lockouts began early Friday morning, and target seemingly random people with an error message that Facebook has never before utilized (a time stamped jail “out date”), the motives and message behind Facebook’s actions are unclear.

Whatever threat Facbook believes is imminent, will disappear by early morning on January 23rd.