Jared Polis points out that Kamala Harris is black

In fact, it’s the only thing on Jared’s mind today. He didn’t bother to list Harris’ accomplishments or goals or the next four years as VP, but he did point out the color of her skin.

Despite the fact that Governor Jared Polis still hasn’t taken ten minutes out of his busy schedule to accept in federal education funding for his state, he does apparently have time to make social media posts with emojis to point out to his voters that Kamala Harris does indeed have dark skin.

MLK would’ve been appalled at Polis’ racist identity politics, but his constituents on Facebook are full of praise.

Maybe one day again in the future, people will be elected based on their merits and beliefs, not based on the color of their skin, like Kamala Harris, a token of “dark skin” for people like Governor Polis whose identity politics are so far off base that he can’t even see how unqualified Harris is to hold the position of Vice President.

The Biden Harris team will be sure to fuel racism and such politics across the nation as the media praises their antics.