Helsinki Commission: Pfizer perpetrated illegal human trials

The Supreme Helsinki Commission is expected, as reported by , to rule that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine administered via the Israeli government to Israelis is essentially a clinical trial.

While clinical trials aren’t necessarily a problem, and they have the potential to cure disease and illness for generations to come, as Helsinki notes, human trials need express human permission. The Israeli government’s with Pfizer clearly and unequivocally demonstrates a clinical trial, without permission of the people receiving the trial.

The “contract” is actually titled “Real World Epidemiological Evidence Collaboration Agreement,” and it spells out, step by step, how Pfizer committed a massive non-consensual vaccine trial in Israel. While the Israeli Ministry of Health agreed to publish the contract, it would not redact the black ink covering many details through the contract.

Pfizer Israeli government contract

The contract specified that Ministry of Health, the US equivalent of health departments, must transmit data to Pfizer on ongoing basis. The data is used to gauge vaccine effectiveness.

Israeli government obligations to Pfizer

The contract’s date is blacked out on every single page, begging the question as to when the vaccine project was actually initiated (before COVID-19 was even a known term). Additionally, Pfizer’s liability and damage amounts are obscured from public view.

Eerily, Pfizer needed the Israeli government to mass vaccinate and study Israeli citizens so badly that it carried out illegal human trials with the government itself. In the US, there are enough willing participants for the human trials, and the CDC doesn’t need a contract to transmit the data.