COVID-19 cases decline rapidly since Inauguration Day test adjustments

As previously , after almost a year of the suspicious public crying foul about PCR tests and the threshold count that was set too sensitively at 37 vital loads by the WHO, the threshold of “Coronavirus” present in positive tests was lowered the day Biden assumed the office of the President.

Lowering the PCR count caused at least a 90% reduction in “cases.”

“According to an April 2020 , a CT of 17 must be used to obtain 100% confirmed real positives. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically. At 33 cycles, the false positive rate is 80%. Beyond 34 cycles, the false positive rate reaches 100%.” The WHO was using a PCR count, prior to Biden’s inauguration, of 37.

“For several months, experts have highlighted the true cause behind the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the set at a ridiculously high cycle count (CT), which falsely labels healthy people as “COVID-19 cases.” In reality, the PCR test is not a proper diagnostic test, although it has been promoted as such.”

“An important question that demands an answer is whether the experts at our federal health agencies and the World Health Organization were really too ignorant to understand the implications of using this test at excessive CT, or whether it was done on purpose to create the illusion of a dangerous, out-of-control pandemic.”

It’s certainly not a dangerous, out of control pandemic. In fact, this isn’t even a pandemic at all; its an overblown, orchestrated farce.

For the last week of , the US recorded 46,504 positive COVID-19 tests. If a reasonable threshold had been applied to distinguish viral presence versus active cases of the virus, the number might be closer to 4500 people, the New York Times exhaustive study confirmed. That study went totally ignored by policy makers until the day Biden was sworn into office.

The data on PCR tests does not corroborate a pandemic, which makes decisions based on the data very poor decisions. Publications such as this one, NYT, and have raised alarm bells about PCR thresholds since March, but those calls went unanswered until today, the day President Biden assumes office.

The new states that “the cycle threshold needed to detect virus is inversely proportional to the patient’s viral load,” insinuating that the previous guidelines cycle count thresholds detected far too much virus, causing false positives.

Almost as if the public has no knowledge about PCR tests and the conspiracy to create positive cases of “Coronavirus,” the media touts “dramatically lowered” cases-it’s a miracle!

But it’s certainly not a miracle, and it’s also not “herd immunity” as touted by .

Whether or not herd immunity is had this been a real pandemic, is irrelevant. Cases have fallen dramatically because the WHO changed its PCR testing policy. The previous policy was so fallacious that it deserves recognition from the media, recognition it won’t ever receive.

have been so quick to believe the hundreds of lies propagated by the government and mainstream media, that they’ve ignored the very clear fact that the tests were always a lie, made and shipped by China to orchestrate a pandemic that didn’t exist. Now that the remedy (lower threshold counts) was enacted on Inauguration Day, the US government and mainstream media, with the help of COVID-19 fanatics, totally ignore the fact that lies built a pandemic. Those same lockdown and mask pushers claim the nation has finally reached “herd immunity,” a concept they scoffed at a year ago.