CO Elected officials call for Trump cleansing

A letter written by Colorado elected officials, members of the media, and far left leaning organizations such as planned parenthood was sent to Lauren Boebert and Doug Lamborn, calling for their resignation on Wednesday

The letter insinuates that Boebert and Lamborn were directly responsible for the violence at the Capitol, even though neither condoned Capitol violence.

Tay Anderson and comrades have called for Trump’s removal. Since Tay has no understanding of the Constitution, he may not realize how impossible and far off that possibility actually is. He also has wasted the entire last week tweeting about Trump and making no real progress towards anything to do with schools.

In one of Tay’s Twitter diatribes, he praises Hickenlooper as “my senator” and calls for Trump’s impeachment.

on Wednesday evening called for the cleansing of Trump supporters after Trump is no longer in office. This sentiment has been echoed by AOC, who called for Trump supporters to be removed from Congress and the House.

Media and elected officials are getting a pass this week to slam Trump supporters and call the entire party violent criminals after the Capitol was stormed by Trump supporters Wednesday. Neither Boebert nor Lamborn encouraged violence, and both later condemned the actions of the few Trump fans who behaved inappropriately. Apparently no one reminded the party about its love affair with BLM and Antifa, who burnt down entire buildings and injured dozens of police officers in multiple violent incidents in the spring.

Democrats are setting the gold standard about censorship and dealing with the losing party. Perhaps in four years, their cries for “cleansing” and removal of people who don’t agree with their notions will be turned on them. Communism is a slippery, slippery slope.

When Rep Mark Baisley posted about the riots at the Capitol, while demanding electoral justice, comments flooded in from angry leftists. One woman even told Baisley to kill himself.

Baisley’s threats

Boebert and Lamborn aren’t going to resign, but the calls for Trump cleansing, that is, eradicating anyone who supported or supports Trump equate to a dangerous political landscape for the US. Such calls shouldn’t even be given the time of day.