CDC’s online Vaccine injury tracking down

Beginning Monday evening, users on VAERS, the vaccine adverse event reporting system, were given an error message that the site isn’t available.

VAERS has been down for two days, leaving vaccine recipients with no mechanism for self-reporting injuries. Before the “system outage,” over 9000 adverse reports had been filed, with 181 deaths.

As previously determined, the COVID-19 vaccine injury rate is higher than the probability of severe illness or death resulting from COVID-19. Of the 148 deaths so far from the vaccine, 129 of those deaths occurred in long term care facilities, with still no mention from the CDC or vaccine manufacturers pulling back on their advice for the elderly to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

As news spreads like wildfire on social media, VAERS continues to be inaccessible to those filing reports about their vaccine injuries. Since the COVID-19 injury and death rate is lower than the vaccination injury and death rate, it seems the greatest trial ever conducted on humans is running into a few snags.