CDC: Masks required for all public transit for 2 year-olds and older

Beginning today, the CDC will announce a requirement requiring anyone traveling via airplane, train, subway, bus, or any other publicly used transit, to wear masks.

The order includes anyone above the age of two years-old, much younger than the requirements of most states. Since many parents struggle to mask their children, plenty of helpful literature has been propagated by mainstream media to enforce children’s compliance.

Even Colorado, with one of the most liberal governors in the nation, doesn’t require masks for children under eleven years-old in public places. Despite overwhelming evidence that masks do absolutely nothing to stop viruses from spreading, the US continues to see mask mandates.

Most interestingly, the CDC has never issued a mask order and has only “urged” the wearing of masks. The CDC has no authority to issue such an order, as it’s not a legislative body. The order is totally unenforceable and subject to a host of legal repercussions since it was never passed by a legislature or any elected officials.

The CDC’s order is the legal equivalent of The American Medical Association passing a law or order; it doesn’t have the right to do so. There is nothing in the Constitution that provides for an unelected body to make laws and orders, so anyone flouting the mask orders should be able to sue the CDC for any legal or financial actions it takes against Americans.

Then again, there’s no indication of how the order will be enforced, most likely via local public health departments.

Since the Chinese communist party is sitting on a mountain of excess masks, Joe Biden, the CDC, and elected officials who made suspicious backdoor PPE deals with the CCP in exchange for financial and political gains will ensure this order is fully executed, however, even if at the expense of young children.