El Paso County polling residents about vaccine feelings

El Paso County Public Health is residents on Facebook and Nextdoor, via Survey Monkey, about the COVID-19 vaccine. The questions ask how residents “feel” about the vaccine. Why does EPC Health need to know about your feelings?

The health department won’t know how to make you take the vaccine if they don’t know what your hesitations are.

EPC Health survey

The survey asks why you may not be receiving a vaccine so that later on, your government knows which messages to use to induce compliance.

The sixth question, why you are hesitant about the vaccine, gives several different available answers such as “I am concerned that I won’t have enough time” or “I’m concerned about knowing which vaccine is best for me.” The best answer, “I would rather risk getting sick” is definitely a very leading question.

El Paso County Public Health, comprised of unelected officials, uses your tax dollars to float surveys on social media in order to figure out how to get you to comply with vaccinations and other issues you aren’t complying with, like masks.

And when you complete the survey that is aimed at your very own compliance, Survey Monkey asks if you’re feeling well. If not, you can take another survey and be part of Colorado’s contact tracing…because we must know where every single case of the virus with a 99.98% survival rate is “hiding.”