Washington erases hospital beds to manufacture a Rona surge

Until July 2020, the state of Washington’s overall utilization rate for hospital beds was fifty-eight percent, but that didn’t work for the Rona narrative. There just wasn’t enough fear-mongering. So what does a state do when not enough of their beds are occupied by 99.98% survivable virus patients?

Washington state erased six thousand beds from its overall capacity in July, so overall utilization rates shot from fifty-eight percent to an average of seventy-seven percent, which sounds so much scarier.

Surely, Washington did not lose six thousand hospital beds, so where on Earth did they go? We reached out to the Washington Department of Health and have yet to hear back. We also reached out to the Washington Hospital Association, where representative Cindy stated that she has no idea why there would be so many hospital beds “missing.”

Which other states are engaged in such a practice? We have just begun. Rona is a really fun game; it’s had the same rules since March.

If people aren’t afraid, make them afraid. It’s for their safety.

Washington’s entire number fudging system may be reviewed on their website.