UNC to create its own COVID problem

University of Northern Colorado, UNC doesn’t have a COVID problem, but they’re going to create one.

Currently, the university of 10,982 students has 13 cases, only five of which live on campus. Overall, the campus positivity rate is .0455%. If the average survival rate of 99.98% is extrapolated to all 13 cases, less than one person would die. Overall, the mortality rate is much lower for 18-22 year olds. The real deaths with versus from are still hard to distinguish. Most likely, 1-5 people in that age range have died, less than a typical flu year, across the country.

So what does a university (or city or state) do when they don’t have a
COVID problem?

They create one.

In the coming weeks, all students will be tested a minimum of once per
month, thereby manufacturing cases. Who knows what the mechanism for the “campus surge” will be. Any person who comes into contact with a positive test, completed at least once a month, and so on and so forth. It’s the same old song and dance.

None of these students are at any risk. But the University of Northern
Colorado has quarantined 13 students in its 80 isolation rooms. Of those,
some are quarantined as preventative measures. Why are these students
quarantined for this virus that is clearly no threat?

Why is here a case push, especially to quarantine 18-22 year olds? It’s
happening across the nation.

******Bar closures, curfews, no large gatherings, no sports, masks on
campus, online learning, quarantine of this exact age range.****
Anyone on campus at University of Northern Colorado is also made to wear a mask outside, even with in their own dorm mates and families …”cohorts” as we have started calling these nightmare situations.

None of this makes any sense, and asymptomatic students shouldn’t be
tested. Many of them are scared, and it’s sad. University of Northern
Colorado should be ashamed for following such tactics. People have lost their minds. This needs to stop.