The reality of outdoor dining: Palmer Lake, CO

Outdoor dining in the winter in Colorado is a joke; it’s unsustainable, unhealthy, unnecessary, and a total insult to business owners across the state. Winter tents are the same as eating inside, and they’re costly to business owners. But eating outside in the snow is no walk in the park, especially in Palmer Lake.

The seasonal mountain town just south of Larkspur, CO, is pummeled with snow each winter. As of this writing, the temperature in Palmer Lake is a blustery twelve degrees, with four inches or more of snow on the ground…and on the tables of restaurants subjected to King Polis’ outdoor dining follies.

Dining tent at Betta Gumbo

The staff at O’Malley’s Pub in Palmer Lake crafted a sweet Christmas to commemorate this year of holidays amidst Governor Polis’ outlandish shutdowns.

Dining tent at Grammy’s Goodies

While the governor sits high in his million-dollar Boulder mansion, his peasant constituents like the owners and staff at O’Malley’s in Palmer Lake wonder when relief will come. Business owners agree that the stimulus package wasn’t enough, and restaurants in red zones like O’Malley’s are down to 10-20% of their dine-in profits.

The whole country will conspire to throw small businesses into the fire.

Hopefully, the owners and staff at O’Malleys Pub can withstand this dark winter, not because of Rona but because of unnecessary lockdowns. To date, not one death has resulted from people eating in restaurants in Colorado, but clearly eating in the snow is what’s going to save us all from this “pandemic.”