Stay strong against mask shaming

In perhaps THE worst example of death virtue signaling to date, a deceased man’s son penned an obituary blaming the public for his father’s .

Courtney Farr wrote that his father “died in a world where many of his fellow Americans refuse to wear a piece of cloth on their face to protect one another,” as if his father’s death could have been prevented if people would just shut up and do what Courtney says.

Melvin Farr obituary

So instead of Courtney blaming his father, who was 81 years old, for not self-isolating or taking better care of himself, his political tirade disguised as an obituary blames those who don’t wear masks. According to Courtney, if you wore a mask, his dad might still be alive. Courtney forgets that if his dad wore a mask, and masks worked, then his 81 year old dad would also be alive. The entire argument is nonsense.

Skeptical readers might even lump Courtney into the pile of sketchy stories wherein payments could reasonably be made to encourage COVID communism. It happens hourly in other nations; family members pass away, and their loved ones are paid a few thousand dollars to accept the death as COVID-19 and make a political statement. Could the same happen in the USA? Nurses across Colorado believe that it could; they echo the sentiment that readers are being lied to. That’s not to say that Melvin didn’t die of Rona, but it’s become impossible to ascertain what’s real news in a world of state owned media.

Melvin’s “obituary”

Courtney’s communist guilt trip is neither provable nor logical, and Americans should be wary of such political virtue signaling. Don’t wear a mask because Courtney wrote an outlandish obit; be strong, Colorado.