Polis: COVID is so deadly, but I have it and don’t wear a mask

Governor Jared Polis once again outdid himself in the clown category today; it’s almost like he doesn’t even have to try anymore.

Polis tested for COVID-19 over Thanksgiving weekend. He and his partner Marlon Reis are allegedly quarantined while they ride out this deadly (99.98% survivable) virus.

True to Polis’ never ending photo-ops, he decided three days ago that he’d use his positive Rona diagnosis to fear monger. Jared hired a photographer and whichever state trooper picked up Colorado’s emergency session pills from Polis to make COVID-19 seem super serious.

However, he forgot to wear a mask.

Maskless COVID-19+ Polis

The man who told you not to be a “” and proclaimed “wear a damn mask” now has what he says is the most dangerous virus the world has ever seen, and he isn’t wearing a mask.

Either he’s so selfish that he will ask said state employees to quarantine, or he doesn’t believe in his own mandates. Dr. Fauci would be so disappointed, but Polis is just one more hapless Democrat who doesn’t even buy his own COVID lies.

Maybe Polis doesn’t follow COVID politics anymore, and he didn’t know about his own fake laws.